General Information About NIRCHA


Our club meets on the second Tuesday of the month. The club meets at two locations depending on the time of the year and the weather. You and your family are all welcome to join our meeting.

During the colder weather, September thru April, the meetings are held at Al’s Hobby Shop. For those warmer months, May thru August, the meetings are held at flying field, Fullerton Park. Al's Hobby Shop is the alternative to the field on rainy days. Meeting start at 7:00pm and there is usually a guest speaker talking about hobby related items.


From our start in 1985, we have become the areas largest radio-controlled helicopter club.

One advantage in belonging to a club is you can draw on the experiences and talents of many people. Collectively our members own, have owned or flown every type of helicopter ever manufactured. Flying abilities range from hovering to "Hot Dog" and formal contest flying.

Some of our members have and still fly r/c planes. For others, helicopters are their first experience with radio controlled models. To make your helicopter experience fun, our club will help in any way we can.

All helicopter pilots remember the apprehension, joy and sorrow they experienced when they were learning. Some members have been flying helicopters for many years. When they started, they had to learn the hard way - ON THEIR OWN! Because of this, we all volunteer to help the beginners. It does not take a lot of time for an experienced pilot to look over your machine, trim it out and give you some pointers for your first flight. So if the weather is nice come on out and join us!!!!! We even have pilots who brave snow and cold in the winter and fly year round.